The Virgin Spring (1960)

19cfc-jungfrukc3a4llanDirected by Ingmar Bergman and adapted from a Swedish ballad, this film revolves around a Christian Medieval family. Their only child is a beautiful, care free girl who they cherish. They sned her off to church with a maid servant. Along the way the two of them must pass through the forest. The girl leaves her servant behind to rest and then she goes on, meeting some herdsman on her way. She shows them hospitality by sharing her food, but the two men brutally rape and kill her. Ironically, that night they seek shelter with the girl’s family unknowingly. By accident the parents discover what became of their daughter and they must then decide what action to take. Bergman’s films certainly bring up questions about morals, religious faith, and evil. None of the characters were perfect but instead human, because they all make mistakes and must ask for God’s forgiveness

4/5 Stars