Touch of Evil (1958) – Film-Noir

92b8e-touchofevilStarring Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, and Orson Welles, this film is one of the last examples of what is considered true film-noir. In a small, dangerous, run down, border town, a mysterious car bombing murder takes place. A Mexican investigator who is a newlywed (Heston) and a hardened American policeman (Welles) join forces on the case. However, soon the case becomes complicated with corruption, kidnapping, and plotting. With his wife in danger, Heston must save her while trying to crack the mystery. Only after some time does he realize the man with the touch of evil. The protagonist wins but that does not mean there is not tragedy as well. Orson Welles does it again with this intriguing film. The opening shot alone shows the brilliance of Welles. This film is one worth seeing, showcasing director Welles and good acting by the entire cast.

4.5/5 Stars