Nashville (1975)

Directed by Robert Altman, this musical, comedy, drama has an ensemble cast made up of 24 different people. The film’s story takes place over several days in Nashville, Tennessee during the political season. From the beginning we follow the politics, music, and most importantly the folks who inhabit and visit this place. They come from all backgrounds, some are in Nashville for musical careers and others for their own personal reasons. You have shaky relationships, an ill country singer, a British BBC journalist, and many other characters who are all interrelated. All their stories culminate in one tragic moment at a show. However, they all quickly move on with their lives. This film was enjoyable because there were so many different people. Even if it made the story more difficult to follow, that did not really matter. By the end everything seemed relatively cohesive. True, the conclusion is abrupt but I think that is how the story was meant to end.

4.5/5 Stars